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Courses Eligibility Duration
Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health (10+2 or above) 1 Year
Diploma in Industrial Safety & Health (10+2 or above) 1 Year
Diploma in Construction Safety &health (10+2 or above) 1 Year
Diploma in Fire & Safety Management (10+2 or above) 1 Year
Certificate course in Fire Engineering (10 or above) 6 Months
Diploma in Construction Safety &health (Graduate any discipline) 1 Year
Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health:-

Occupational safety & Health is an emerging field and not known to many, and has great future prospects. Safety & Health are the most important criteria for organisations and their management when the work involves certain level of risk and this it is their duty to provide a work environment that is conducive of safe and healthy work environment.

We offer the Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health covering various occupations where safety & Health of the workers are at exposure to risk. This prepares an individual to audit the work environment and sense the loop holes to avoid any mishap and disaster.

Occupations like chemical, construction, mining, Fire Fighters etc are some of the occupations which require safety & Health measure to ensure the workers are at less risk.

Diploma in Industrial Safety & Health:-

Industries are the backbone of any economy and it is workers and employees who work day and night in shifts to proper any economy, thus it is utmost important to provide a safe and secure environment to sustain and up bring prosperity.

Industries like Oil, Gas plants, nuclear plants, Steel manufacturing etc are prone to such health and safety risks, thus an Industrial Safety system or mechanism is required to keep a check and improve the safety & health measures for workers.

This is done through integration of various process control and safety systems, which keeps a check on the work environment.

Our course Diploma in Industrial Safety & Health covers such areas which prepares you to Audit, optimize and enforce certain guidelines to function in a more secure and healthy environment.

Diploma in Construction Safety &health:-

Construction industry is very prone to disasters ad safety issues, as usually construction sites are remote and new sites involving construction from the scratch to 99th floors and more in some cases, making it one of the most dangerous occupations in the world.

Falls are the most common causes of fatal and non fatal injuries which even cause death in many cases thus provision of nets on every floor, and procedures such as securing ladder etc will cutback the risk of injuries involved in construction industry.

Other major causes of injuries in the construction work includes electrocution, transportation accidents and trench cave in

Our Diploma Courses in fire and safety & health ensures that latest guidelines and standards of safety and health are followed to minimize risk at construction sites. The course makes you a construction safety & health professional.

Diploma in Fire & Safety Management:-

Fire is most dangerous and causes risk to life and material if not addressed in time, thus keeping safety measure is must prevent fire and control it in case of fire.

The diploma in Fire & safety courses educate you with numerous measures one must keep for fire safety, in depth knowledge in fire hazards and control measures will be shared.

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Certificate course in Fire Engineering:-

The certified course in fire Engineering prepares an individual to handle the real scenario’s. The course is designed in such a manner that the individual is prepared to enforce the standards and best practices in organisations or industries which deals with fire, or involves inflammable material in any of its processes. Thus enforcing fire engineering principle is a must to have controlled process which involves risk of fire.

Many occupations and Industries which involves Fire or inflammable materials like chemical, Thermal, Oil & Gas, Petro chemical, Fireworks, Weapon factories etc.

Thus it is most important for these industries to build a mechanism which create a secure environment for people in this occupation to work in a safe environment.